Maize is a main staple food throughout the world but in particular Asia, Africa and Latin America.

This is also is used as feed in developed countries. Maize usages are many such as in food it is used for Flour, Syrup, grain and oil while non-food usages are in adhesives, paints, varnishes and cosmetics. Starch and oil is also its derivatives.

Maize is also used as feed for livestock and it can be fed whole, grazed, chopped and ensiled. After the Harvest, animals can graze the leaves and stalks left in the field. There are many by-products of the maize like bran, germs, oil meal and hominy feed. The starch such as corn gluten feed, and corn meal is also produced. Alcohol or biofuel is also extracted through distillers and dried grains, soluble can be fed to the animals.

Maize is widely used as food/feed and provides raw material for food industrY in Pakistan. Pakistan Maize offers best opportunity for converting vegetable protein into animal protein. The use of maize in poultry and livestock feed industry is quite popular as compared to other cereal i.e. wheat and rice (broken) which are available at higher prices.

Natural Specifications
Moisture 13% MAx
Foreign Matter 2% Max
Weevil Led Seeds 2% Max
Damaged Otherwise 5% Max
Colored Seeds 2% Max
Admixture 2% Max
Broken 3% Max
Aflatoxin Max. 30 P.P.M.